LIVING NATURE Large 45cm Brown Bear Plush

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LIVING NATURE AN400 Large 45cm Brown Bear Plush

The Living Nature Brown Bear is a classic gift for newborns, children and adults alike.

Designed to delight, the realistic features and high-quality fabrics make this a woodland animal teddy that will stand the test of time.

Brown Bears are one of the largest bear breeds. Their favourite activity is fishing and they’re a sucker for eating salmon! They even have their own spot that they reserve from the other bears. Mother bears bring their cubs there for a fishing lesson, too. They also love eating berries, nuts and seeds and make sure they eat plenty for winter to store as a layer of fat.

This impressive large Brown Bear is the perfect cuddle companion!  This soft toy is the ultimate friend for a teddy bear picnic in the woodlands! The realistic detailing with a gorgeous brown coat and adorable face make this toy a firm favourite.

Suitable for all ages.

LIVING NATURE AN400 Large 45cm Brown Bear Plush

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