LIVING NATURE Cheetah Large 47cm Plush

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LIVING NATURE AN325 Cheetah Large 47cm Super-Soft Plush

The Living Nature Cheetah is an incredibly realistic large soft toy with its golden colour, black spots, white underbelly and mane.

A stunning soft safari toy, which is sure to impress to the recipient.

The Cheetah is known as a big cat, but they’re actually the smallest of all the big cats. They can grow up to 1.4m long and their tail can reach 80cm in length. That’s almost as long as their body. They have a slim build, a small head and small ears to help them reach their high running speeds. If animal Olympics was a thing, Cheetahs would win gold medals for all the sprinting races. That’s because they’re the fastest land animal in the world.

Suitable for all ages.

LIVING NATURE AN325 Cheetah Large 47cm Super-Soft Plush

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