LIVING NATURE Sabre Toothed Tiger 29cm Plush

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LIVING NATURE AN395 Sabre-Toothed Tiger 29cm Plush

The incredible Living Nature Sabre-Toothed Tiger plush is an impressive addition to a soft toy collection.

Made from superior quality fabrics, he has been air-brushed to give an expressive look to his features. This beautiful prehistoric plush animal is a striking gift.

Similar in looks to the Tiger, the Sabre-Toothed Tiger is one of the most well-known prehistoric mammals and has been extinct for about 10,000 years. They were as big as modern cats and had a very distinctive feature - two huge canine teeth, which were up to 20cm long! These teeth were used to slice and rip the softest part of their prey. They were carnivores so only ate meat such as bisons, camels and young mammoths.

Suitable for all ages.

LIVING NATURE AN395 Sabre-Toothed Tiger 29cm Plush

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