For online sales ToyBox provides a 14 days no-satisfaction money-back guarantee. Our no-satisfaction money-back guarantee starts from the moment your order is delivered. You can return the product(s) within 14 days, at your own expense, accompanied by your receipt.

The goods must be returned to ToyBox by a Courier service or registered post and should bear insurance. This is necessary should they get lost or damaged. Shipping fees remain the customer’s responsibility.

Our address for the return is as follows:


1 Nikou Kazantzaki
Agios Theodoros

Our mobile number for courier 97899456.

When making the return, please include your name and contact telephone number.

Our no-satisfaction money-back guarantee applies to products that are returned in their original package and complete working condition (packaging, accessories, user guide, etc.). Any product that has been damaged or has been opened or is not in its original packaging will not be accepted and thus no refund will be affected.

ToyBox has the right to perform the necessary tests on the product to verify that the said product is in good and working condition. ToyBox normally takes 4-5 working days to perform the necessary tests on a product. If a product is required to be sent back to the manufacturer for testing (such as toys with electronic parts) then please allow up to 60 days.

Refunds will be made back to your original credit card used to make the purchase. If payment was made by gift card, then a refund will be made by issuing a new gift card.




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