Ballerina Dreamer HUN7229 Dancing Ballerina

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Ballerina Dreamer HUN7229 Dancing Ballerina

It’s time to put on a magical show with the Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina.

This gorgeous doll loves to dance. Press down on her magical tiara to see her perform. She can twirl, shuffle, kick her feet forwards and back and even do the splits.

Press on the magical tiara again to hear beautiful music that your talented ballerina doll can dance to. 

Watch the Dancing Ballerina’s tutu light up with a magical sparkle to complete her beautiful dance performance!

A beautiful, interactive Ballerina doll for 3 and over.

  • The Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina can dance just like a real ballerina!
  • Press down on the tiara and watch her pirouette, spin on both toes, kick forwards and backwards and do the splits.
  • Her tutu magically lights up
  • she even plays a tune as she dances
  • Watch her sparkle and shine as she performs her ballet moves!

Recommended age 3 years +