BRUDER 02432 Schaeff Mini Excavator Digger HR 16

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Bruder 02432 Schaeff Mini Excavator Digger HR 16

This excavator has an excavator arm that works like the real thing! The shovel is detachable, the plough blade can be adjusted and the cab swivels all the way around. The tracks are made of rubber. Compatible with our Profi-Series accessories and figures.

The Schäff mini excavator HR16 from BRUDER is small enough to fit through the smallest of openings but also strong enough to do the work of ten men. It impresses with very detailed equipment, which includes a fully functional, removable excavator arm and a driver's cab that can be rotated through 360 °. Another highlight is the easy-running rubber treadmill, which enables playful manoeuvring.

The German family company BRUDER Spielwaren has been characterized by innovative products "Made in Germany", attention to detail and the fulfilment of children's dreams since it was founded in 1926. With the introduction of plastics production, the way to today's global success of the Bruder brand was paved. Brother transforms the real world into a true-to-original children's play world. With the valuable educational principle, children can process what they have seen and are introduced to a wide variety of topics in a playful way, such as road construction, agriculture or rescue operations.


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