Disney Princess Jasmine Fashion Doll

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Disney Princess Jasmine Fashion Doll

Disney's Jasmine is a beautiful, headstrong princess determined to have a say in who she marries and how she lives her life. She yearns to explore outside the palace walls to discover herself.

This Jasmine doll comes wearing a gorgeous outfit inspired by scenes in Disney's Aladdin live-action movie. She wears a striking purple outfit with sparkly pants and a sheer skirt over them, gold-coloured heels and earrings.

This Princess Jasmine doll makes a great birthday gift or holiday present for 3 year old kids and up as well as fans who love the classic animated film and the live-action movie, Aladdin. Surround this beautiful Disney Princess Jasmine doll with other dolls like Genie, Aladdin, Jafar, and Dalia. Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

  • 11-Inch Princess Jasmine doll with the removable outfit: in her stylish outfit and with movie-inspired details, this doll captures the Princess Jasmine character from Disney's Aladdin live-action movie
  • Removable, beautifully detailed outfit: Jasmine doll features a removable outfit that includes sparkly pants, gold-coloured heels, a sheer overskirt and gold-coloured details
  • Poseable fashion doll: This princess Jasmine doll features five points of articulation for poseable play
  • Start a Disney Aladdin doll collection: surround this Jasmine doll with other movie-inspired dolls, like a genie, Aladdin, Jafar, and Dalia. Each sold separately. Subject to availability

Recommended age 3 years and upwards.