Kindi Kids Jessicake Toddler Doll

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Kindi Kids Jessicake Toddler Doll

Hi! I'm Jessicake, as sweet as a frosted cupcake from head to toe! I come to life as soon as you pick me up, with big glittery eyes, my head bobbles with every movement! I love cupcakes! Take my cupcake out of its wrapper and hold it up to my mouth and watch me "eat" the cherry! I also have changeable clothes and removable shoes! So, come and join me and my friends Peppa-Mint, Donatina and Marsha Mello at Rainbow Kindi!

Meet Jessicake and discover the world of Kindi Kids and their Rainbow Kindi! Pre-school Kindi Kids 10 inch doll, and 2 Shopkin accessories.
  • Set includes 1 Toddler Doll, 1 Cupcake Shopkin, 1 Sprinkles Shaker Shopkin.
  • Doll head wobbles and bobbles! Clothes are changeable and shoes removable.
  • Shake Sprinkles to Decorate her Cupcake! Then see her magically eat her cupcake!
  • Discover her friends; Marsha Mello, Peppa-Mint, Donatina, as their Rainbow Kindi World comes alive! Watch their adventures on YouTube.
Size H25.4cm.

For ages 3 years and over.


Not suitable for children under 3 years old.