Klein BOSCH Service Pit Lane

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Klein BOSCH Service Pit Lane 

A pit lane for toy cars in the cool Bosch Car-Service design - compatible with standard road systems
The workshop is fully equipped - with a movable garage door, turntable, lifting platform, washing system, and much more
The eye-catcher is the color-changing car: the vehicle changes color with cooled water - and back again with warm water
Little mechatronics engineers emulate the big ones with this set in role-play, train their motor skills, and have a lot of fun in the process
Dimensions: 53 cm x 16.5 cm x 13.5 cm .
Attention racing fans! With this pit lane, you got every speedster up and running again quickly. Simply raise the garage door, bring it into the correct position with the height-adjustable lifting platform and repair it. Then it goes to the car wash. Here the stylish sports car supplied can be colored with cool water from the water tank or the steam jet lance in the form of a pipette. When everything is perfectly clean and ready, it goes to the turntable and the young mechatronics technicians decide which work area to go to or whether to leave the pit lane. All paths are open to them because the pit lane is compatible with commercially available road systems. It's fun, trains motor skills as well as imagination.

Bosch Car Service Pit Lane, with color-changing car
The pit lane for diecast vehicles on a scale of 1:64 has a height-adjustable lifting platform, a service garage front whose garage door can be opened and closed, a washing system with a water tank for chilled water, and a pipette in the form of a steam jet lance. The color change vehicle included in the scope of delivery can be washed with the cold water from the container or the pipette, whereby it changes its color. The washing system can be removed for filling or emptying. With the help of the turntable, the car can drive to the different work areas. The children have to make the difference in level into account and approach the areas either forwards or backward. The turntable and the washing system can be removed for cleaning. The pit lane is compatible with commercially available road systems.

Dimensions: 53 cm x 16.5 cm x 13.5 cm

Recommended age 3 years+