Kuroba Game Battle Pack (Styles at Random)

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Kuroba Game Battle Pack (Styles at Random)

Join the Kuroba in their battles for peace and harmony with the Dolphiconda Training Pack.

The cute, cube-shaped Kuroba are a fun, interactive new twist on the classic game of rock-paper-scissors.

Practice your strategy with the cute, Water Kuroba, Dolphiconda. Select your battle mode and slide Dolphiconda towards the practice cube to see if they will defeat it with their unique, transforming Kuroba action!

Collect other Kuroba Training and Battle Packs to challenge your friends and create unique Kuroba character mashups.

  • Thousands of different Kuroba combinations.
  • Interactive Rock, Paper, Scissors game.
  • Rare Kuroba cubes to collect.

Cute, collectable battle cubes for age 4 years and over.