LORI Doll Rhea 6-Inch Doll by Our Generation

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LORI Doll Rhea 6-Inch Doll by Our Generation

Lori is a collection of beautiful, 6-inch, soft-bodied dolls designed especially for young children.

Each doll comes with her own fashionable outfit and matching accessories, and additional outfits are available for the dolls to change in to! Lori’s world includes a fun range of playsets with which children can enjoy playing out their imaginations, and these lovely dolls are the perfect size to take along on your travels.

  • Come hang out with Lori and all of her smart, adventurous, and trendy friends. They love ballet, reading, giggling, and playing with their pets.
  • Rhea comes with 1 doll, 1 top, 1 jacket, 1 pair of riding pants and boots, 1 riding stick and 1 riding helmet
  • Experience life as Lori as she rides horses and let your imagination run wild!
  • With a height of just six inches, Lori Dolls are easy to bring along and easy to put away when play-time is done.
  • All Lori Dolls, fashions, and accessories go through stringent testing procedures that meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards.
  • In addition to carefully choosing materials for dolls and accessories, Lori Dolls is passionate about using the most recycled and recyclable materials available to package toys.

Recommended for age 3 years and upwards.

LORI Dolls Collection Exclusively by ToyBox Cyprus