Our Generation Food Truck Pink BD37969Z

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Our Generation- Food Truck Pink BD37969Z

Our Generation Food Truck lets you snack on the GO! Turn the wheel left or right for signal lights. Press the wiper button for wiper action and press light button for cruising in the dark. Fully equipped food truck has plenty of storage space for your food and kitchen accessories! Handy glove compartment opens for extra storage. Easy to use table for a quick bite!

Contents: A food truck, a fold out table, 2 hamburgers, 4 hamburger buns, 2 vegan burgers, 4 sliced pickles, 4 tomato slices, 4 lettuce leaves, 2 veggie kebabs, 2 shrimp kebabs, 4 pita breads, 2 fish tacos, 2 beef tacos, a tzatziki sauce cup, a salsa sauce cup, a spinach salad in a box, a cup of lemonade, a cup of orange juice, an avocado smoothie in a cup, a mango smoothie in a cup, 3 square food box trays, 2 rectangle food box trays, a head of lettuce, a jug of milk, a butter dish with butter, a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, a bottle of olive oil, a mustard bottle, a ketchup bottle, a mayonnaise bottle, a frying pan with lid, a sauce pan, a spatula, a ladle, a pair of tongs, a strainer, a cutting board, a knife, 4 spoons, 4 forks, a napkin holder, an order pad, a pen with cap, a piece of chalk, a string of lights. Dolls and outfits sold separately.

  • Fully equipped food truck
  • Storage for your food and kitchen accessories!
  • Stove and fan exhaust make sounds!
  • Real chalk and chalkboard!
  • Back door opens!
  • Turn wheel left or right for signal lights
  • Press wiper button for wiper action
  • Press light button for cruising in the dark
  • Press brake pedal for the lights to flash
  • Compatibility: Fits most 18 Inches or 46 cm dolls (Dolls and outfits sold separately)

Recommended age 3 years +