Toy Story 4 Kids Bo Peep Action Staff

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Toy Story 4 Kids Bo Peep Action Staff

Kids can feel like Bo Peep in Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 with her cool action staff. This iconic role-play item has motion-activated sounds. Tap the staff and hear "Baaaa!". Swing it left or right and hear "Whoosh" as you battle like Bo. Twirl it overhead and hear "Swoosh". The Bo Peep staff comes in a kid-suitable size of 3.5 ft long in the shepherdess' blue colour with true-to-movie designs. Recreate your favourite adventures with Bo Peep and her powerful action staff.

  • True-to-movie Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Bo Peep action staff
  • Motion-activated sounds when you swing it left or right or twirl it
  • Says “Baaaa” when you tap it
  • 35 ft long with iconic colours and designs
  • Ideal for movie storytelling and adventure play

Recommended age 4 years +

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