Miss Nella

Miss NELLA is an odourless nail polish aimed at little princesses in a bid to emulate mummy. Its revolutionary formula odourless, peel off nails, making harsh nail polish remover a thing of the past. Our peel-off nail polish has a water-based formula, unlike most nail polishes, which makes it temporary and ideal for children. Miss NELLA kids' nail polish will delight imagination with 28 playful jolly colours! The fun make up range for children is just perfect for little divas! What little girl has not experimented with her mum's lipstick or eye shadow? And once they are in their pre-teen they become even more interested in makeup. With Miss Nella’s make up collection, our princesses can have great fun experimenting makeup without being worried about what’s in it. From dazzling eye shadows in a wide selection of beautiful colours to lip balms suitable for all princesses and divas, all our make up is made with good for skin ingredients and it is absolutely free of any perfumes, palm oil and toxic metals, making it not just safe for sensitive skin, but environmentally friendly too.