Unbeknownst to the Heroes of Nature, the evil Voidus has not been defeated! He managed to infect Elestar with a sliver of shadow, ensuring direct contact with Gorm! Thanks to this power, he manages to exploit the mysterious Meka energy to enhance his 4 Darkan, transforming them into Omega Darkan and making them unbeatable! The hopes for the people of good seem lost, when a secret message from Lord Electryon, mysterious lord of the Meka people, is reproduced by the Tower, rekindling hopes. "Guardians, receive the Ultra Bracers of the Elements as a gift: thanks to these, you will be able to exploit the power of my People, the Meka Gormiti, to defeat Voidus!" empowered by Gormiti warriors, who transform into ULTRA GORMITI! The final battle for Gorm's fate has begun!