Not only are Hairdooz dolls fun to play with, they're absolutely adorable. They also appeal to children’s love of surprise toys. The Hairdooz dolls come in a shampoo bottle shaped-package and children won’t know which one they are going to get until they open the bottle and reveal their doll.

Hairdooz dolls are each unique in their own way. Each doll has a distinct symbol that you can find in the twinkle of their eyes or on their face and their own unique hairstyle. Also, the doll's hair has fruity scents. The Hairdooz squad consists of Candy, Skye, Pixie, Crystal, Lilly, and Sparkle.

There are 36 Hairdooz dolls in total to collect. You might even be lucky enough to find a rare Hairdooz doll inside with colour-changing hair!