Baby Alive E6941 Mix My Medicine Baby Doll, Llama Pyjamas

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Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Doll, Llama Pajamas, Drinks and Wets, Doctor Accessories, Toy for Kids Ages 3 and Up

Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby is homesick in her llama pyjamas today. Does she need her medicine? A tissue? A drink of water? Find out what’s wrong by using her special interactive thermometer. Once you know what’s wrong with baby, you can choose 1 of the 2 medicine packets to make her all better. Mix the powdered doll medicine with 3 tsp. (15 ml) of water, then use the medicine dropper to give the baby her medicine! And oh, dear… does the baby have a boo-boo? Use the bandage sticker to soothe baby - and a cuddle and kiss help, too! Kids will have fun mixing up medicine for baby, changing baby’s diaper (additional diapers sold separately), and making their baby doll feel all better.

• Includes doll, diaper, medicine cup and dropper, 2 packets of doll medicine, interactive thermometer, removable pyjamas, bandage stickers, tissue, and instructions.

• MIX BABY’S MEDICINE - Kids love playing “doctor” and they’ll have so much fun mixing up doll medicine to make baby all better
• INTERACTIVE THERMOMETER – When you use your baby doll’s thermometer, a picture will appear to show you what she needs
• MIX IT UP AND MAKE HER BETTER - Once you know what’s wrong with baby, choose one of the packets, add water, and squeeze to fill the dropper with doll medicine. Time to open wide, baby!
• CHANGE BABY’S DIAPER – Baby’s thirsty! Give her some water from her cup. Uh-oh, baby’s wet! Time for a diaper change (additional diapers sold separately)

Recommended age 3 years +